Board of Directors Info

6.11.23 UPDATE!
Hello Journeyman followers we have a lot to share with your regarding our last board meeting. In the best interest of keeping the information “to the point” this news has been listed under the appropriated header.

Andrew Kasprzak of Barrington NH has been appointed the new Vice President of Journeyman Basketball! Andrews many years of youth sports experience and his strong ties to the community make him a great selection for the program. He has also been named the new lead of SELECT Travel Basketball! Together Coach Kasprzak will work with Jimmy Flynn and instill the character, work ethic and care for teammates that SELECT is known for.

Dave Moriarty of Exeter NH has been appointed Special Advisor to the board! Dave has a long history with the program and strongly believes in Journeyman message. His daughter Elizabeth has been a strong advocate for the program as a player and as a coach. Both have served as key members to Journeyman success. Daves rational thinking, moral well-being and intelligence make him a great fit for the program. In many ways he was already a part of Journeyman’s success.

Jimmy Flynn of Dover has also accepted a position on the board! Jimmy’s passion for the sport he loves and his great connection with his student athletes make him a key member in providing day-to-day information regarding our success. His new role extends passed day-to-day affairs and includes SELECT Travel Basketball Lead and insurance advisor.

Ryan Baker of Portsmouth will remain a key member of Journeyman’s board and provide special assistance in problem solving and facility recommendations.

Jim Hayes of Strafford will remain as a special advisor to the board and assist Journeyman with staff additions and vetting prospective employees.

President JP Sanborn has officially stepped down from SELECT travel basketball! He and Karyn will continue to assist in administration of the teams but the development of our travel players will be led by Andy Kasprzak and Jimmy Flynn. They will be responsible for coaching assignments and over all development, character and participation of travel athletes. JP has enjoyed his many years of success with travel and truly enjoyed he last few tournaments with SELECT.

Ben McFarland, Jackie Murphy and Zach Snow will join Journeyman’s paid staff for the summer of 2023. With record setting participation in 2023 Journeyman feels a strong responsibility to ensure value in their program. We will also add a few student athletes the opportunity to be compensated for additional duties in the gym. We feel our athletes should get their instruction and leadership from many more sources. Ben and Zach will meet with coach Kasprzak, coach Flynn and JP as well as members of the board to ensure we are all working towards the same goal.

Rainscape and Toyota of Portsmouth have officially joined the team! Both of these great companies believe strongly in Journeyman’s message and jumped at the chance to be part of our program and our growth. They will supply top quality uniforms to Journeyman as we return to our original colors. You can learn more about our sponsors on the sponsorship page.

Journeyman has added a high school girls division for the summer! What better name for the new program than NETS! it is the original name of JHAWKS. Please keep in mind that this new program will only be available in the summer. Journeyman does not currently have the staff, facility or confirmed full interest to allow it to take part in the fall and the winter. The board will continue to review our options with NETS to ensure we can provide what our student athletes need.
All other divisions, D2, D1, JHAWKS and Seniors will conduct session as they have for many years without interruption.

You will see the AP24 logo on many new articles of clothing in 2023. The loss of Journeyman’s #1 son was a devastating blow to the Price family and to the hundreds of student athletes that received coaching, mentoring and friendship from Alexander John Price. Journeyman’s web site and social media platforms display many images and comments about his impact on the program. Journeyman offers that NO PROFIT WILL EVER BE MADE FROM ANY ARTICLE OF CLOTHING WITH AN AP24 LOGO ON IT! Journeyman feels their profit was delivered over and over again by Alex’s participation, coaching, volunteer work and friendships over an extensive career with the program. Jamie Marsh will work with JP Sanborn and the Price family to direct funds in access of cost and ensure they benefit worthy causes closely connected to Alex Price.

Journeyman’s boys division will receive new uniforms as soon as they are in! They will display our new sponsors, RAINSCAPE and TOYOTA OF PORTSMOUTH. Images of these new uniforms can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.
NETS will receive new uniforms! We have a new logo and new uniforms for our high school girls.
*SPECIAL NOTE: Until further notice please follow the notes below regarding shorts
D2, D1 and Seniors – Navy Blue and Athletic Gold shorts
JHAWKS – Navy and Green shorts.
NETS – Navy, white and red (NETS) shorts.

The easiest way to contact Journeyman Basketball is to use email. To send general inquiries or to communicate about expected absences please send emails to: Your e-mail will be forwarded to the most appropriate person. Full addresses can be provided by request. For other contacts, see below:

JP Sanborn

President / Founder / Secretary
Journeyman Basketball
P.O. Box 1016, Exeter, NH 03833 603.234.5553

Andrew Kasprzak

Journeyman Board of Directors / Vice President
SELECT Lead Staff
Barrington NH 603.817.1017

Ryan J. Baker

Journeyman Board of Directors / Special Advisor Portsmouth NH 03801

Journeyman Board of Directors / James Flynn

Coach / Special Advisor
SELECT Lead Staff
Dover NH 03820

Jamie Marsh

Journeyman Board of Directors / Treasurer
Appointed March 2021
Stratham NH 03833

David Moriarty

Journeyman Board of Directors / Special Advisor Exeter NH

Jim Hayes

Special Advisor
Appointed March 2021
Strafford NH 03884

Karyn Loch

Administrator Newmarket NH 603.770.2412