Andrew Soderberg

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2015

Andrew Soderberg started his Journeyman career in the fall of 2006.  His speed, intensity and aggressive play respectfully earned him the nickname “Crash” as often he would be on the floor first for a loose ball or flying out of bounds to save a possession.  Throughout his 17 sessions he was continuously recognized for his hustle and determination. As a D2 player, Andrew was a member of the Championship team for the 1st Journeyman-Blue Collar 3-on-3 tournament in 2007. He later was a member of Journeyman’s Travel Team winning the 2010 NHYA Tournament. “Crash” gave his all while on the floor both on offense and defense and each session looked better than his previous one. He was also a great teammate as developing players on Andrew’s team could count on his support just as much as his coaches could count on his effort and results. This was acknowledged by winning not one, but two, Most Improved Player Awards, JJE-23 and JJE-29. His defensive skills were praised by his teammates and feared by his opponents. Along with brother George, Andrew participated in outside community service projects, and was a consummate teammate. In addition to the above mentioned awards, Andrew’s individual accomplishments include: Four-time winner of Best Defensive Player Award (JJE-23, JJE-29, JJE-31, and SJE-43), BlueCollar Crew for 2000Shots Camp 2009, 2000Shots Camp Day1 MVP in 2010,  and JJE-31 Division 1 Co-MVP sharing honors with Ben Loch. He achieved 11 Career Double Doubles and has received Player of the Game honors 27* times. Andrew’s dedication and immeasurable effort have never been more evident than in his latest session. Although his team struggled he continued to be a the top performer and never gave up until the final seconds were over. Andrew was recognized by his teammates in his final session finishing in the top 5 in voting in four of the five major award categories earning him the VINNY Award for being a complete player. In the future coaching staff will undoubtedly refer to Andrew “Crash” Soderberg when teaching defense and effort. We hope our younger players will replicate his grit and determination, carrying on his legacy.

Please join us in congratulating Andrew Soderberg, a True Journeyman.