Antonio Duarte

Status: Player Induction Date: March, 2015

Tony Duarte may not have as long a tenure as many of our Hall of Famers but in his 9 Journeyman sessions, his commitment, leadership, character and intensity put him in the top tier. Tony started his career with Journeyman in the Winter of 2009 and his defense, intense competitive play, integrity and agility were recognized immediately. These skills would earn him a Best Defensive Player Award in his first session. Even more impressive, Tony also was recognized as D2’s Most Valuable Player, highlighted by achieving 307 PSP, 3rd highest in his career; again all of this in his first session. Tony is respected for his basketball talent and skill and even more for his perseverance, leadership and character. The staff at Journeyman Basketball would be hard pressed to find a more classy and competitive player in our 16 years of existence. Tony has served as a role model for his peers as well as for our younger, developing players. When the coaching staff speak of work ethic, effort and competitive play, Tony’s name always comes up. Furthermore we are sure it will for many years to come. Tony’s dedication to his community and teammates is extremely evident as well. He has coached, volunteered at stat bench, joined us in community service projects, served as camp counselor and is known to volunteer in many other areas outside of the program.

In addition to Session JJE-29 MVP and Best Defensive Awards, Tony was the Larry Bird Award winner for Seniors in sessions SJE-37 and 41. He achieved 14 Career Double-Doubles and was recognized as Player of the Game 19 times. Tony’s presence in the gym is always inspiring. We hope he continues his association with Journeyman any time his schedule allows.

A great player and an inspiring leader. Please join us in congratulating Tony Duarte, a true Journeyman.