Benjamin Loch

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2014

Ben ‘Pops’ Loch began his Journeyman career in the summer of 2007 eager to play.  He was soon recognized as a skilled shooter and knowledgeable player and would prove this time and time again. This is emphasized at the end of his Journeyman tenure by achieving “Top Ten” status in 12 of 14 statistical categories; being number one on six of those lists! Ben had a well-rounded game in offense and defense. He was the first player in Journeyman history to receive POG as a D1 player swinging to a Senior team in the summer of 2009. Ben’s effortless play would sometimes fool you to thinking he was having a mediocre game (for him) and then you would realize he scored a triple-double. Of course, he had many games when you knew he was the best player in the gym. Even opponents were caught admiring some of his shots, including the occasional dunk, and wondering if he would break yet another record. Ben’s individual accomplishments include: JJE-24 Larry Bird Award, named to Blue Collar Crew for 2000 Shots Camp 2009, member of  Journeyman’s Travel Team winning the 2010 NHYA Tournament, 2010 and 2011 DiNotte Slam Dunk Champion, 2010 Alumni Game and Skills Competition “The Break” Champion for 13 year-olds with a time of 44.97, JJE-31 Division 1 Co-MVP sharing honors with Andrew Soderberg, SJE-33 Most Improved Player, SJE-33 Championship Game MVP connecting on a three-point attempt to win, 2011 14 and under 3-Point Challenge Champion, 2011 Timed Skills Competition, three time Seniors MVP (SJE-36, SJE-39, SJE-42), and SJE-41 Seniors All-Star MVP. He achieved 28 career double-doubles and received POG honors 37 times. Ben’s contributions to the Journeyman program were not just as a player. He co-coached a D1 team and off the court, participated in numerous community service projects. Like fellow Hall of Famer Sam Knollmeyer, he was respected by his peers and often requested as a teammate. During his latter sessions as a Senior player, Ben encouraged newer players to “Take that shot!” and despite his many accomplishments, was seen as unselfish by teammates. At the point of induction, Ben is ranked #1 in PSP, #1 in total career points, #2 in career blocks, #4 in career assists, #9 in career rebounds, #1 in career steals, #1 in total career 3-pointers, #1 in 2-Point field goals, #3 in total games played, #1 in triple-doubles, #4 in POG honors, and #5 in All-Star appearances. While his contributions to the Journeyman Program are something to be admired, his accomplishment are unparalleled! Please join us in recognizing Benjamin Loch, a true Journeyman.