Bryan Cassidy

Status: Player Induction Date: November, 2010

Sticking close to those he knew, a small 10-year old guard arrived in the gymnasium in Stratham, New Hampshire during the Summer of 2004. Not sure if he wanted to be part of this budding program called Journeyman, he was hesitant to take the court.  As other players laced up their high-tops and began shooting around he continued to show his reservations. Then another young guard named Henry approached him and asked him if he wanted to play HORSE.  Being that Henry wasn’t much taller and was nearly as young, he decided to give it a shot. You know this young man as B, Bumble or Clutch Cassidy. This induction may be the first time we refer to him as Bryan Cassidy. “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” This quote could not possibly describe Bryan’s impact on the program any better. I find it fitting to quote John Wooden since Bryan is such a fan of the Hall of Fame Coach. Bryan’s friendship, support, playmaking, dedication, and success will be the tools used to build many practices to come. Those that were able to play on his team will reap the benefits past the end of Bryan’s active playing career. You’ve heard the phrase, “If I had a nickel…”, well, If I had a nickel for every time a player referenced his name in a positive light, I could buy that red Ferrari I keep talking about. Bryan’s career individual achievements include, #1 All-Time in Scoring and #1 All-Time in PSP (point system points), the only player in the history of the program over 6000PSP, #1 in assists, #1 in steals, #4 in free-throws made, #1 in 3pt field goals made, #3 in 2pt field goals made and #1 All-Time in games played. The list goes on. Bryan was the Larry Bird Award winner 5 consecutive times from JJE-16 to JJE-20 then again as a Senior player in SJE-25. He won the Team Leader Award 4 times, JJE-14, JJE-18, JJE-20 and SJE-29, He took home MVP honors with teammate Andrew O’Barton during JJE-20, then again by himself in back to back sessions SJE-31 & SJE-32. He was the first underaged Journeyman to reach 100psp and the youngest Journeyman ever to take home a Team Leader Award. Bryan was named first ever BlueCollar Team Captain in June of 2006, Earned the Honorable Volunteer Jacket in the Summer of 2006, shared first ever Iron Man Award with brother Riley in August of 2006 and was Championship Game MVP of our first 1 week summer camp connecting on a game winning 3 point shot at the buzzer to win the Championship. He was also the SJE-26 Championship Game MVP. In Bryan’s last session he ended his career with a powerful message winning Seniors MVP, Best Defensive Player and earning All-Star Game MVP while being a lead nominee for the Larry Bird Award and Team Leader. Though his individual achievements are many, they are just a shadow of the character he possesses. To stay within the theme of this induction I would like to quote John Wooden again, “What you are as a person is far more important that what you are as a basketball player.” Bryan’s career taught us many things about basketball, character, dedication and life. Throughout his career with the program, a span of 6 years, he never missed a single game. Considering he traveled from Plaistow and never missed a commitment to his high school team, that is quite an accomplishment. Journeyman is a better program because of his involvement, his teammates are better players because of his leadership and effort and we are a stronger staff because of his character. We hope Bryan continues to visit the program and the young athletes that will forever know his name when his schedule permits.