Cameron James Sowers

Status: Player Induction Date: November, 2009

Often times simply Clark Kent, a mild mannered and well liked competitor and when called upon Superman converting on every impossible shot within a 10 foot range. The program has seen a multitude of great players and dedicated volunteers but in his prime, Cam was at the top of both of these charts. He came to the program in March of 2003 as a reserved yet gritty guard looking for every chance to play ball that he could. Within one year he became a player Journeyman couldn’t do without. Cam will forever be credited for his ability to get to the hoop. In addition to his gritty play around the basket, he would often lead his team and even the division in assists. Cam was truly an unselfish playmaker to be feared by opponents. Regarding Cam’s unselfishness, he forfeited a full year after his Hall of Fame eligibility to be inducted with a friend. This act displayed true character and friendship, something all Journeyman should respect. His unselfish play was the catalyst of many other athletes’ great start to their young Journeyman careers. Cam was a huge part of the success of the J-Hawks girls program for his countless hours of volunteer work in order to help the program succeed. In the first three sessions of the J-Hawk program, Cam rarely missed a game providing statistical, officiating and coaching support on a regular basis. In a program like Journeyman players like him are gold. In addition to his commitment and dedication to the program as a volunteer, here are some eye-popping individual achievements Cam accumulated as a player. At the point of induction Cam was #4 in career PSP, #5 in career points, #3 in assists, #10 in rebounding, #5 in steals, #5 in free-throws made, #4 in two point field goals and #5 in game career games played. Other individual achievements include: 6th Man Award Winner JJE-10 and JJE-15, Most Valuable Player JJE-16 and SJE-22, back to back Team Leader Award recipient for JJE-16 and JJE-17, Championship Game MVP for JJE-16, Awarded Larry Bird Award during SJE-19, recorded first career triple double on October 7th 2005, Cam was the first Journeyman to ever compete in both Division1 and Seniors concurrently, his ability and desire to play the game was the birth of the swing program, he was appointed JPA Vice President by Robbie Hanson on October 1st 2005, he was the second Journeyman in history to ever be a leading nominee in all award categories during one session, he was presented with an Honorable Volunteer Jacket August 6th 2006 for abundant hours of volunteering, named to first ever Journeyman one week camp August 14th 2006 due to superior Journeyman attitude, first ever Seniors Division Recipient of The Vinny Award for his consistency and outstanding play in all facets of the game, SJE-24 Senior Division All-Star Game MVP and earned Player of the Game honors 22 times in his career coincidentally matching his jersey number. It would be nearly impossible to remember all the great plays Cam orchestrated in his 5 years with the program but even more difficult to count would be the number of players that benefited from having him as a teammate.