Cooper C. Allan

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2023

Dedication is a word that has followed this young man through a great 8 years with the Journeyman program. His participation across the board is truly impressive. I am speaking Cooper Allan

When Cooper played his first games in the summer of 2016 his passion for the sport was evident. He quickly established himself as a good teammate and adapted to Journeyman philosophies in record time. Coaches admired his effort and his basketball IQ. Cooper always made a solid decision and was selfless.

Some of Cooper’s individual achievement include, – Journeyman’s 57th Session Most Improved Player, JJE-57 Division 1 CE Coffey Award Winner co-recipient, SJE67 Team Leader Award Recipient, Achieved 9 Career Double Doubles, Has earned Player of the Game honors 17 times and has been a YAMO All-Star 11 times!

All of Coopers achievements are impressive, but here is some stuff that truly made Journeyman a better place. As a contractor Cooper performed many tasks at Journeyman. He assisted in stat bench work and provided logistical assistance when called upon. He assisted all divisions and can be heard supporting anyone from any team. Cooper’s support of the younger players is one of the greatest attributes of a being a Journeyman. Cooper didn’t stop there. He has been one of our primary choices for camps and clinics. He keeps his assigned teams motivated and encourages athletes of all skill levels. Cooper also game coached younger divisions providing energy and enthusiasm and assisting his them in times of adversity.
Some of our fondest memories of Cooper were his achievements as a SELECT travel basketball player. This underrated player was the catalyst for may come-from-behind victories. Opposing teams were not prepared for his ability to pass, rebound and score from the arch. Again, he made the right decision. You could always count on his follow-through and focus in tough situations.

Cooper,. For your dedication, commitment to the program, friendships with staff and athletes you will be truly missed. Your contributions to all of our added programs are truly appreciated. When speaking of commitment to younger athletes in the future we will use your name. Please continue to be part of the program you helped establish and frequent the gym knowing it’s your program. Please join us in congratulating Cooper Allan, a true Journeyman.