Dalton Litzelman

Status: Player Induction Date: March, 2015

Dalton “Sunny D” Litzelman started his Journeyman Career in the Fall of 2006 and it didn’t take long to understand that his mark on the program would be something special. His competitive drive and hard work earned him the 6th Man Award and Larry Bird Award in his first D2 session. Dalton competed like every game was the Championship and inspired his teammates to do the same. His emotion and concern for every game were characteristics coaches would find themselves leaning on in key moments. There was never a doubt that when the going got tough the coach called Dalton. The strength and effort in his game made this an easy decision. Often relied upon for tough rebounds and key steals, his ability to shoot and pass were often overlooked. Dalton had speed and athleticism not easily matched by opponents, and although you might of known where the ball was going, it was still difficult to stop. This impressive play made him a favorite among the younger players and Dalton was always ready to lead by example.

His effort, dedication, and intensity continued throughout his 15 sessions making him a favorite of coaches and teammates. Dalton’s individual achievements include: JJE-20 D2 6th Man Award, JJE-20 and 21 Larry Bird Award, JJE-23 D2 Team Leader Award and SJE-40 MVP. Dalton achieved 18 Double Doubles and earned Player of the Game honors 25 times and he is tied for 6th place in number of All-Star appearances with 13. It is difficult to match Dalton’s skill level and enthusiasm but we hope he continues to share his love of basketball with younger players and teaches them the importance to play with passion and effort. Admired by coaches and players alike, Dalton will be missed but the memories he has provided us will live in Journeyman eternity.

Please join us in congratulating Dalton Litzelman, a true Journeyman.