George Soderberg

Status: Player Induction Date: December, 2011

George Soderberg started his career in Journeyman in the beginning of 2007. With great size and a passion for the sport, everyone knew he was going to be productive. Over the next 5 years he would set the tone for low post activity and solid defensive efforts. More important, he became a friend of so many in the program due to his great personality and his passion to win. George grasped the meaning of the program quickly and as a Senior Journeyman offered his services as a Juniors Division coach on multiple occasions. George’s individual achievements include; Division2 Championship Game MVP during JJE-21, Division2 BlueCollar 3on3 Champion, Division1 6th Man award winner during JJE-22, Division1 All-Star Game MVP during JJE-24, Senior Division 6th Man award winner during SJE-26, made the BlueCollar Crew during 2000Shots Camp in 2009, Best Defensive Player during SJE-30, Best Defensive Player and Senior Division MVP during SJE-35. At this point of induction George will be ranked #1 in career blocked shots, #1 in career rebounds, #6 in career 2pt field goals made and #6 in career games played. George’s individual achievements are plentiful but they are merely a light shadow in comparison to his great character. His patented turn around jumper…. going left… will be forever remembered by staff, the joy of watching the Geo “coast to coast” not soon forgotten and the impact he made on the organization will advance to legendary status. We all wish George nothing but the best in the journey that lies ahead and know that those around him will benefit from his friendship and loyalty. Even though he finishes his career as a player with Journeyman we hope he continues to attend alumni functions and continues coaching with the program.