Henry Aaron Rockwood

Status: Player Induction Date: November, 2009

Starting his Journeyman career as an underaged athlete no one knew what to expect from this 8 year old smiling guard. When Henry started there were no D2 groups or D1 for that matter. There was just Journeyman 11 to 14 years old that wanted to play ball. All we knew at the time was getting him off the court was harder than getting white off a t-shirt.

Well, not too much changed in 8 years. Henry was introduced to the program through his older brother Matt. He attended all practices and games for a chance to pick up a ball, reminding us all of the love for the sport.

And so, in June of 2001, it began. Alex Cronin scored 221 points, Greg Connors pulled down 141 rebounds and there was Henry, 9 points for the entire season with 3 assists and a small hand full of rebounds, and smiling every minute as if he knew something we didn’t. He attributed to many players being able to block shots — specifically his shots. Yet he never looked down, never got frustrated, never looked for attention, just smiled and kept going. Knocked down, pushed around and yes, still smiling.

This being proof that young Journeymen shouldn’t quit as Henry would end up #1 in scoring and #2 in assists when it was all said and done.

His career progressed adding countless memories of buzzer beaters and jaw dropping, outstanding assists. As a D2 and D1 player few guards ever grasped the ability to share the ball as well as Henry. And in his career few displayed the ability to move without the ball like him, earning him the nickname “Rip”. (nick-named after the All-Star guard of the Detroit Pistons Richard “Rip” Hamilton.)

Henry also understood the importance of giving back to the program when he volunteered as a D2 coach in 2008.

Rip’s numerous career individual achievements include, #1 All-Time in Scoring and #1 All-Time in PSP (point system points), #2 in assists, #2 in steals, #8 in free-throws made, #1 in 3pt field goals made, #2 in 2pt field goals made and #1 All-Time in games played. Henry was also JJE-9’s Best Defensive Player, JJE-10’s Team Leader Award recipient, JJE-14 All-Star Game MVP, the JJE-14 and SJE-23 Most Valuable Player, SJE-19’s 6th Man Award Winner, holds the Senior record for highest assist per game average with 8apg during SJE-23, temporarily became All-Time leader in assists passing Hall of Famer Sean Leonard in February of 2007, the first Journeyman ever to reach the 200 game mark early 2009, earned Championship Game MVP during SJE-21, 2008 Alumni Game and Skills Competition Sports Look, Inc. Shoot Out Champion with partner and cousin Josh “JP” Price, Seniors All-Star Game MVP for the 27th Session, Seniors Championship Game MVP for the 27th Session connecting on a 3 pointer to send it into overtime and another at the buzzer to win the game, and earned Player of the Game honors 32 times.

If there was ever an example of resilience, persistence and commitment within the Journeyman program, it would be Henry Rockwood. No single player has had a longer tenure with the program.

He will forever be remembered as a scorer and a playmaker and revered as a faithful and dedicated Journeyman.

A great player, a true character and a Journeyman icon, please join us in congratulating Henry Rockwood, a true Journeyman.