John Perry

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2018

John Perry joined the Journeyman program in September of 2012. Like many Journeyman before him John made his mark on the program quickly displaying solid work ethic and effort. Always pushing his abilities to the limit for the ultimate benefit of his team. Now these qualities alone do not set him apart from many Journeyman in the past, but when you add his will to win, enthusiasm and support of his teammates John is elite. Although he was a solid Division1 player for Journeyman he made his mark in the Senior Division. Winning was John’s top priority but never at the expense of his teammates. They were important to him. He quickly grasped what a Journeyman is and was happy to play the role. He brought a fair dose of competitive fire and great spirit. John’s individual achievements include, SJE-53 Senior Division CE Coffey Award Winner and the Senior Division Team Leader Award. He Achieved 7 Career Double Double and Has earned Player of the Game honors 16 times. Examples of John’s approach to the game will be used by coaching staff in the future when motivating young players. We hope he treats Journeyman like his home in the future and visits us every time he can. Please join us in congratulating John Perry, a True Journeyman.