Jordan Dunkerley

Status: Player Induction Date: September, 2008

As a young Journeyman Jordan knew what it took as a small guard to compete in a sport that gives praise to its big men. His display of heart, aggressiveness, tenacity and grit made him twice the size of most big men that ever participated in the program. Jordan was a guard that understood that this game is played using everything you got. Defensively, few played as well as Jordan. He had an uncanny ability of being able to slap at the ball and actually get “all ball”. Many offensive players have stared down an official looking for a call they were never going to get. We would like to think that Jordan always got his calls but I’m sure, due to Jordan’s quickness that he was robbed of a few clean slaps from time to time. While many focused on there ability to score, Jordan focused on how to get his team the ball and protect every possession. This is not to say that Jordan couldn’t score, quite the contrary. His ability to get to the rim has always been up there with the likes of Sowers and Bushnell. And on those drives he feared no one. Other than his playing ability, Jordan made himself known as a volunteer as well. In his first couple years with the program (2005/2006) he contributed by helping out at the stat table, assisting with the J-Hawks program and working tables and events with teammate and current Hall of Famer Jacob Lentz. Whenever he was called upon, he answered with a smile on his face and a great attitude to match. Jordan’s special achievements include, Larry Bird Award Winner JJE-16 and JJE-17, All-Star Game MVP JJE-17, earned Honorable Volunteer Jacket summer 2005, SJE-21, SJE-21 Most Improved Player and SJE-25 Seniors Division Best Defensive Player, named to first ever Journeyman 1 week camp August 14th 2006 due to superior Journeyman attitude and has earned Player of the Game honors 11 times. Jordan’s aggressive defense and hearty play will be something the coaches of the program will use as examples over the years to come. His intensity and team commitment will be admired and missed for many years. Please join us in congratulating Jordan Dunkerley, a true Journeyman.