Joseph Duball

Status: Player Induction Date: March, 2008

The Journeyman program likes to find that special bonus quality in every player who laces up their high-tops. In Joseph Duball it was leadership… raw, unquestioned, unmatched, leadership. He demonstrated this in his ability to motivate his teammates and set high standards for himself that his teammates felt pressured to follow. Journeyman prides itself on staying focused on our three C’s: Character, Commitment and Community. Joe’s attitude and efforts revolved around these core qualities. Furthermore, through his growth, he never seemed to be embarrassed to represent those traits to the best of his ability. Like a Hall of Famer before him, Robbie Hanson, he displayed and embodied great integrity. He said what he meant and he meant what he said. His communication with his coaches and teammates was top notch and his effort was a trademark of his game. When others got caught up in a 15 to 20 point deficit, Joe stayed his persistent course, managing the game when others had already quit. His management skills and belief in himself and teammates often resulted in a great rally shortly followed by a team victory.  Joe’s respect of coaches and officials was never in question. What more could we ask of a Journeyman? As coaches we often say, “Never let the score determine how hard you will work.” We can now say, “Play hard like Hall of Famer Joe Duball.”  Joe has also dedicated his time to the program through his strong sense of responsibility. You can often find him showing up hours before his own game to coach a younger division or assist at the stat bench. Journeyman wouldn’t be half the program it is without the dedication of such fine young men as Joseph Duball. In addition to Joe’s great character he has compiled some pretty dominating statistical achievements. At the point of induction Joe placed with the elite Journeymen in career Top Ten statistical totals. They included: 10th in career double doubles, 10th in games played, 4th in career 2 point field goals made, 5th in rebounds, 10th in points and 10th in career PSP. He received the Team Leader Award during JJE-14, JJE-15, SJE-17, SJE-18, SJE-22, SJE-23 and SJE-24 also being the only player to receive this award 7 times, Most Valuable Player for SJE-24, named to first ever Journeyman 1 week camp August 14th 2006 due to superior Journeyman attitude and commitment to the program, and during his career, Joe has earned Player of the Game honors 19 times. There is a lot of promise in the Journeymen to come in regards to leadership. But all of them will be measured beside Joe, and those are tough shoes to fill.