Joshua Price

Status: Player Induction Date: March, 2013

Joshua Price started his career in Journeyman in the Winter Session of 2005. Josh’s dedication to the sport was evident and his positive good nature a welcome quality that the program would soon benefit from. During Josh’s career with the program he proved to be a very unselfish big man and those on his team could always count on his versatility and ability to share the ball and play his role. It was this great attitude and grounded disposition that made many athletes desire to be on the same team. Josh never needed to be reminded of what the program stood for and often ensured that others knew as well. He supported the program through a variety of ways to include fill in coaching when required, offering full support in community service projects, attending JPA meetings, serving as a member of the stat bench crew, helping organize Journeyman functions, serving as a camp counselor and being the President’s right hand man in regards to many additional tasks involving delivery of product and transportation assistance. Josh’s individual achievements include; – JJE-19 D2 Larry Bird Award Winner, 2008 Alumni Game And Skills Competition Sports Look, Inc. Shoot Out Champion With Partner Henry “Rip” Rockwood, 2008 Summer Camp MVP, JJE-26 Journeyman’s Most Improved Player, JJE-27 D1 Larry Bird Award recipient, recognized for his dedication to the program during Journeyman’s 37th Session by the Coaching Staff, achieved 17 Career Double Doubles and received POG Honors 17 times.
At this point of induction Joshua will be ranked #5 in career blocked shots, #3 in career rebounds and tied for #6 in career games played. Yes, Josh’s individual achievements are plentiful but they are merely a light shadow in comparison to his outstanding character, tremendous patience and superior loyalty to those he deems worthy. We truly hope Josh’s ineligibility in teamwork sessions does not stop him from continuing to be a huge part of this organizations success. We need young men like Josh to represent the character goal we have for our athletes. Please join us in congratulating Joshua Price, a true Journeyman.