Kelsey Leonard

Status: Player - J-Hawk Induction Date: April, 2007

his J-Hawk has participated in 3 Teamwork sessions for the girls division and was only the second female in Journeyman history to participate in the boys division but the first to play consecutive sessions.

While a member of the New England Nets she assisted in re-structuring the group to the now successful J-Hawks of Journeyman Basketball.

During her active player days she took home 3 consecutive Most Valuable Player Awards, two with the Nets and 1 as a J-Hawk. She is the first player in the Journeyman organization to win three MVP awards. She received the Team Leader Award for her great leadership skills during the Nets first session in 2005. She was also the first ever to take home Championship Game MVP honors for three consecutive championship games NNE01, NNE02 and JHE03.

She was the J-Hawks All-Star Game MVP during the J-Hawks 3rd session. She was the first female to ever become eligible for the Hall of Fame passing 1500 point system points in 2006.

After becoming ineligible to participate in events with the J-Hawks due to age, she walked of the court being #1 in scoring, steals, rebounding, assists, blocked shots, 3pt field goals made, free throws made and games played.

She was presented with the Honorable Journeyman Volunteer Jacket in October of 2006 due to her supreme dedication the organization and its players. Kelsey took home the Wireless Zone Dedication and Commitment Award in 2006 for reasons previously mentioned. It was this type of dedication and her great interest in the program that made the board of directors want to keep her infectious teamwork attitude around and make her an assistant for the Division 2 group. However her role in Division 1 and Seniors as a volunteer and as a staff member has been instrumental in Journeyman’s ability to retain consistency in an ever-growing and successful non-profit organization.

She has taken on every task given to her and exceeded expectations by the board of directors. She has willingly accepted countless responsibilities such as statistical tracking, coaching, equipment purchases, leading voting processes and many other tasks that were crucial in the success of the program. As a player she was ever conscious of the game situation and made the best decision for her team first. From developing young J-Hawks in games won to taking the big shot in pressure situations. Every player in J-Hawks knew she was the focal point of her team’s success.

In the boy’s Senior Division her teammates knew she would make the right decision and protected the interest of the team with great integrity. Her ability to protect the ball, her great range of shooting ability and smart shot selection was her game, and her teammates benefited from it.

We could coach this great organization for another 20 years and not find another as dedicated as Kelsey, but if we do, the bar has been set. I personally can only hope that she understands the magnitude of her achievements and takes pride in knowing she deserved her spot in our list of Journeyman immortals. Please join us in congratulating Kelsey Leonard, a true J-Hawk and Journeyman.