Lauri Sowers

Status: Staff Induction Date: September, 2008

The Journeyman Player’s Association proudly inducts Lauri Sowers into the Journeyman Basketball Hall of Fame.

Lauri’s dedication to all athletes involved is truly immeasurable. Some will remember her for her pin point accuracy at the clock, some for her loud cheers on “Lets Go!” and others for her ability to assist all with their injuries, aches and pains. However all will remember her for her care and concern for all the athletes she treated as her own children, because to Lauri, they are. It’s not a surprise that the player’s want her to be recognized for her efforts. After all it’s the players that benefit the most from her contributions.

Lauri first joined Journeyman as a parent and fan in 2003. Having three great sons and a dedicated husband attached to the program made her a perfect match for the needs for Journeyman. For this reason she joined the staff as head of administration in 2006. She would also later become a trusted member of the Board of Directors.

Her strong dedication to youth sports and interest in the program made it a perfect match. Over the next few years Lauri would play an intricate part in all decisions made within the program on matters pertaining to everything from health to finance. She also held informational health and dietary clinics for our fine youth at our one-day clinics and camps. Lauri re-instituted proper stretching techniques to ensure less injury and re-structured safe practices for all involved. She played a key role in our success in a variety of other areas to include consistency, strong community involvement and character development.

Lauri also continues to provide a sharp clear understanding of how our statistics are tracked and how they should be used to benefit the team.

Lauri and her family are credited for our own Sower’s Father/Son Family Game that has lead to many great memories for all who took part, all the while benefiting a worthy cause or simply for the program itself.

Everything Lauri does for the program is out of the kindness of her heart. You can see her joy when others reach their potential. For her strong character and countless volunteer hours we owe her the highest gratitude. Please join us in congratulating Lauri Sowers, a true Journeyman.