Michael Bronson

Status: Player Induction Date: March, 2015

In the Fall of 2009, Michael Bronson began his Journeyman career and was recognized with his first Larry Bird award. Michael’s hard work and tremendous effort started in his first session and only intensified the more he played.  His grit and determination have become the yardstick by which others are measured, especially when choosing Larry Bird recipients. Michael would follow this achievement by winning Larry Bird, D1 MVP and Championship Game MVP two sessions later; in only his 3rd session of play. His teammates admired his leadership and strength, while his opponents knew that he would give his all to get the rebound and chase down the loose ball. His coaches knew that they could count on Michael to get his team fired up. Michael demonstrated his strong character as a coach earning him a D1 championship and Co-coach of the session with friend and teammate Alex Price. Michael’s dedication to Journeyman has included, serving as camp counselor, participating in community service projects, and volunteering time at the stat bench. His commitment and dedication made him a perfect candidate for an internship as Executive Director for Journeyman Basketball in 2015.

In addition to the awards previously mentioned, Michael’s individual achievements include: SJE-40 Senior Championship Game MVP, SJE-41 Senior Division MVP, SJE-43 Senior Larry Bird Award Winner and SJE-43 Senior All-Star Game MVP. At the point of induction, Michael is #7 in Total Career Rebounds and #7 in Career Double-Doubles with 43. He was named player of the game 22 times and participated in 10 All-Star Games. Michael’s integrity, dedication, and effort epitomize Journeyman’s motto of Character, Community, and Commitment. We look forward to his tenure as Executive Director and his continued involvement in our program.

Please join us in congratulating Michael Bronson, a true Journeyman.