Nicholas G. Sowers

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2017

True story, so at Nick’s young age of 5 or 6 I saw the best dunk I have ever seen… well comparably. I was in the Sowers family game room in Stratham as I had been on numerous occasions. Nick was the receiver of a badly tossed alley-joop from brother and hall of famer Cam Sowers. Now I was sure that Nick had no chance of catching this pass. I learned a lot that day. Not only did Nick catch this abomination of a pass but in flight took the time to wind-mill it before laying down an assault on a vulnerable Fisher-Price product. This combined with many memories I am grateful for at the church where we used to play make today’s speech even more difficult. Sadly the end of the Sowers trilogy. Today we put Nick “Future” Sowers in the Hall of Fame. Years ago the nickname Future seemed to easy, in reference to the expectancy that Nick would lead many statistical categories in Journeyman. Well Nick didn’t disappoint. It is estimated that Nick will finish 9th in PSP, #1 in steals, #4 in assists and 2nd in receiving Player of the Game honors as he has received this honor an astonishing 40 times. Nick will also finish in the top 15 athletes of all time in scoring, free throws made, 2pt field goals made and games played. Considering he earned his first PSP in the Summer of 07 this has been quite the Journey. Although not nearly as important as his impact on the program, let me take a moment to list his individual achievements. Nick became the youngest Journeyman to ever participate in a Journeyman event on February 26th, 2006. He was the JJE-23 Division2 6th Man Award Winner and part of that historical Division2 Championship Team for that February Vacation 3 on 3 Tournament 2008. He was the JJE-25 & JJE 27 Division2 Best Defensive Player, JJE-26 Division2 All-Star Game MVP, JJE-27 Division2 Larry Bird Award recipient, rated Journeyman’s most efficient D2 player during Efficiency Clinic held on 2/21/10, JJE-30 & JJE-31 Division2 Most Valuable Player, JJE-33 Division1 Most Valuable Player becoming the only player to advance in a division and win MVP in the same session, JJE-34 Division 1 Most Valuable Player sharing the honor with Colby Wilson & SJE-44 Senior Division Best Defensive Player. Nick has also achieved 8 Career Double Doubles.

It would be unjust speaking of complete players leaving out Nick Sowers. His best attribute in this sport has to be his IQ. I truly believe that when players are being guarded by Nick and they take the time to process their next move, Nick has already either stolen the move from their head or simply placed it in there. Nick’s on-the-ball steals will forever be remembered. In the past coaches have often provided Nick with an opportunity to change the game plan, change a defense, or make substitution adjustments. And why not. There was no question that Nick knew what he was doing.

So let’s end with this. Nick, like many Journeyman before you, you have a busy life ahead. But please find the time to share your thoughts, knowledge and experience with others. They can only benefit from it. Please join us in congratulating Nicholas G. Sowers, a True Journeyman.