Reid Grott

Status: Player Induction Date: April, 2008

Few Journeyman players have had the passion for basketball harnessed by Reid Grott. Easily remembered as “Speedy Reidy,” this tireless guard has made a solid reputation within the program for being a fierce competitor and self motivated individual. Reid was constantly concerned with his individual improvement as well as team’s success. He was always setting the bar higher and higher for himself. He took his game seriously and was never impeded by minor setbacks. Always know for his defensive energy, Reid would tire opponents with aggressive play and great footwork. And on the other end of the floor threaten you with a quick drive to the hoop or step back hitting a quick three pointer. Reid will be remembered by the staff as having a well balanced game. As the result of his efforts he was on many successful teams during his 6 years with the program. Reid established himself as the guard you wanted on your team for his unselfish ball movement and normally impressive shot selection. At the end of his career with Journeyman he volunteered to be a Division 2 game coach. As you may guess, he coached the way he played, with focus, solid game management and a raw understanding that hard work was needed to compete at any level. Reid pushed his D2 team to a championship game and a record setting session record to 9-1. It was this superior attitude that made the coaching staff select him as a camp counselor in our youth camps. In addition to being a superior athlete Reid managed to build some impressive statistical achievements. He was the 6th Man Award Winner for JJE-08, the Best Defensive Player for SJE-23 and SJE-24, Most Valuable Player for SJE-24, the 2004 Atkinson Graphics Shoot Around Champ with teammate Joe Benevento during 2nd Annual Alumni Skills Competition and has earned Player of the Game honors 18 times. He finished 9th in three point field goals made, 10th in free throws made, 9th in steals, 6th all time in assists and 10th in scoring. Reid will always be respected by the staff and admired by the young Journeymen to come. I can only hope he understands the impact he made on the program and continue to support it in the future. Please join us in congratulating Reid Grott, a true Journeyman.