Riley Cassidy

Status: Player Induction Date: March, 2008

This calm, cool and collected guard will forever be remembered and respected by Journeymen and staff members. Riley was a quiet guard, never really saying much, he didn’t need to, his game and character spoke volumes. Riley Cassidy’s dedication was second to none. He never missed a single game in his career as a Journeyman over 4 years, and his game was equally impressive. Early in his career with the program you could see the focus and determination of a solid ball player. He established himself as an elite point guard delivering slick and accurate passes to teammates that became better players as a result of them. Riley elevated his game every year while expecting his teammates to do the same. Many teams benefited from the effort and results of his hard work while on the court. Off the court, Riley showed strong support of the program rarely missing younger or older division games while staffing the stat bench with younger brother Bryan. Riley helped set the tone for many other Journeymen in regard to volunteer work. At the point of induction into the Hall of Fame, Riley’s statistical achievements include, #10 in games played, #10 in 2 point field goals made, #8 in 3 point field goals made, #5 in free throws made, #8 in career steals, # 5 all time in assists, # 9 in scoring and # 8 in total PSP. Riley was the 6th man award winner during JJE-13, Larry Bird Award Winner for JJE-14, SJE-16, SJE-17, SJE-18 and SJE-19, earned first ever Iron Man Award with brother Bryan 8/6/06, All-Star Game MVP JJE-14 and SJE-20, Most Valuable Player during SJE-17, once held Senior record for consecutive games played, more importantly, never missed a game during his 4 years with the program (08/19/07 – 119 games). Riley earned Player of the Game honors 19 times during his career. Like Journeymen before him, I can only hope that Riley understands the impact he made on his teammates and the younger generation Journeymen that hope to pass some of his statistical achievements. Riley will be truly missed within the Journeyman program.