Ryan A. Dixon

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2023

The Hall of Fame is a great place to recognize commitment, and when you measure commitment in Journeyman you start with athletes such as Ryan A. Dixon.

In Ryan’s first session in the Fall of 2016 he quickly adapted to Journeyman philosophies and its structure. The friendships he built in Division 2 are as strong today as they were then. However Journeyman can’t get credit for that. Ryan has strong morals and follow-through established by a great family.

Some of Ryan’s individual achievement include, JJE-51 Division 2 CE Coffey Award Winner, JJE-52 Division 2 CE Coffey Award co-recipient, JJE-53 Division 2 Most Valuable Player, JJE-56 Division 1 Tournament Point Leader, JJE-56 Division 1 CE Coffey Award Winner, 63rd Session Coach of the Session Recipient, SJE-65 Senior Division CE Coffey Award Winner, SJE-66 Senior Division Championship Game Most Valuable Player, Journeyman’s 66th Session Team Leader Award, Achieved 1st Career Triple Double SJE-65, ranks 5th all time in free-throws made, 6th in field goals made, Achieved 29 Career Double Doubles, Has earned Player of the Game honors 25 times and has been a YAMO All-Star 14 times which is 9th all-time!

Yet these individual achievements are nothing compared to years of dedicated service to Journeyman. Ryan’s commitment as the JPA President is legendary. He organized community service projects, food drives and donation opportunities ultimately establishing a great Players Association reputation. Ryan assisted families with financial assistance and helped Journeyman establish rules and consistent guidelines for program equality and overall quality. Ryan was trusted to make the best decision for the program whenever called upon. Ryan hosted meetings with fellow Journeyman and JHAWKS in hopes their contributions to their local community would benefit those in need. Ryan didn’t stop there. He coached teams from other divisions and motivated young athletes to persevere in moments of adversity and helped them win with humility. He continued this as a player coach in the Senior division. Ryan’s players all participated in their teams success or failure. Most importantly they were all afforded the opportunity to do either.

Ryan’s ability so be a solid defensive player and hard worker made him an easy candidate for SELECT travel basketball. It was here that he contributed his work ethic to assist in a NH State Title. Many opposing players were worn and tired in their attempt to match his intensity and many failed.

Ryan, your commitment to your objectives is unmatched. Your support of your teammates admirable and dedication to every aspect of the program will unquestionably reach legendary status. Future learning institutions and places of employment will be forever fortunate to have you as part of the team. Please continue to be part of the program you helped establish. Please join us in congratulating Ryan A. Dixon, a true Journeyman.