Ryan Bushnell

Status: Player Induction Date: June, 2006

This Journeyman participated in 13 teamwork sessions between 2001 and 2005. During his time as a Journeyman he was awarded the 6th Man Award for JJE-4 and JJE-8, Best Defensive Player for JJE-6, Most Improved Player JJE-8 and Most Valuable Player for JJE-9 and SJE-15. He was the only Journeyman ever to be named All-Star Game MVP 3 times, SJE-11, SJE-14 and SJE-15. We also would like to add that he was the creator of the All-Star Game. He was the Wireless “In the Zone” Three-Point Challenge Champ on two occasions, the 1st Annual Alumni Skills Competition and the third. He also won the Atkinson Graphics Shoot-Out with teammate Dan Ford during the 3rd annual skills competition. He currently holds the record for three point field goals made in a single game with 11, holds the all-time record for highest 2-point field goal percentage in a single season shooting 70.3%, holds current record for highest points per game average by a Senior with 27.75 ppg and also holds the record for most points in a single game with 59 points on 3/13/05. After playing in his last eligible game he walked off the floor as the all time leader in scoring and point system points. He was listed in 8 of the 10 statistical top ten categories at the point of induction into the Hall of Fame. He placed himself 1st in 3-point field goals made with 203, 1st in free throws made with 311, 1st in points with an even 2000 points and 1st in PSP with 3198. He was 2nd in total 2-point field goals made with 540 and 2nd in steals with 324. He finished 3rd all-time in assists with 335 and 6th in games played with 101. Many of his records are nearly untouchable. His presence on the court was feared by the opposition and marveled by teammates. We still hear Junior Journeyman talking about his game like he played last night. He had a calm demeanor and was rarely ever rattled. By his statistics you would say he was a giant and I’m sure as the story will be told, his height will get taller and taller. But this fiery guard left a mark on the program that will be here forever. Ryan or “Bush” as teammates called him,  will always be remembered for his scoring ability. However we hope these Journeyman achievements are only a shadow to future achievements in his life. We can only hope that Ryan understands what he meant to his teammates and the young Journeyman that will follow him, respect that and return for them. These kids admire you Ryan. Those are big shoes to fill.