Ryan Lipsitt

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2019

Ryan joined Journeyman in the Winter of 2011. It was apparent out of the gates that Ryan was a very committed young athlete, attending multiple camps and participating in most sessions that he had the option to play. Ryan was an extremely unselfish basketball player, understanding his role on his team. Ryan’s improvement started in aggressiveness, making strides in taking more shots, having a better shot selection, and improving his focus on rebounding. It didn’t take long for him to be a top rebounding guard. This improvement that would continue throughout his career, and helped transform him into a great teammate.

As Ryan advanced in age and ability, he began to display leadership abilities. His quality of holding teammates accountable along with encouraging members of his team earned him the Team Leader award for JJE-42. Ryan was respected by teammates and opponents for his dedication and appreciated by staff for his willingness to work on the teams goals and objectives.

Ryan commitment to his game was apparent but so was his commitment to the program. Ryan became a return counselor in Journeyman’s premier scoring camp, 2000Shots, where he helped athletes improve the mechanics to improve their scoring. Ryan was well known for having good rhythm on the court, which was reflected when working with younger athletes on their own shooting abilities. Ryan also assisted at Sacred Heart camps in the summer and was instrumental as a volunteer and later an employee at the stat bench and for additional duties with the program. Considering Ryan’s work ethic and good character, this was an easy decision for staff.

Ryan was recognized as Day 5 MVP of 2000Shots camp in August of 2015. He was often a nomination for the CE Coffey Award and won the award SJE-55 due to his important quality of never giving up, always being one of the first players to arrive before a game, and the last to leave. Ryan’s improvements made him an MVP candidate during SJE-56 and SJE 57. Ryan achieved his first Triple-Double during SJE-54 and achieved 31 career Double-Doubles. He has earned Player of the Game 25 times.

Ryan’s dedication to the program will be used as an example to future athletes when discussing commitment and dedicating yourself to your craft for continued improvement. Ryan, you’re more than welcome to come back to the gym whenever your schedule allows, treat our gym as your gym.

Please join us in congratulation Ryan Lipsitt, a true Journeyman.