Ryan O’Donnell

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2019

Ryan “Footsteps” O’Donnell began his Journeyman career in the winter of 2011. His impact was immediately felt as a young athlete who loved to play defense and shoot. It was apparent he enjoyed spending time in the gym with friends and teammates. Throughout his years with the program, Ryan’s enthusiasm for being in the gym was picked up on, often celebrating on the court following a big shot his by his team. His enthusiastic personality made him a joy to watch compete. Later in Ryan’s career he became one of the best long range shooters in the program. Not only was he a great shooter, but his ability to shoot on the move was second to none, comparing him to Journeyman’s version of Stephen Curry. Ryan made it a point to always support his coach, and made sure his teammates did as well.

Some of Ryan’s impressive personal achievements include a drastic improvement from his third session, 35, to his 4th session, 37. He improved from 103 PSP all the way to 335 PSP in the following session. This improvement would earn Ryan the Most Valuable Player award for JJE-37 with an impressive stat line, finishing with a high total in points, assists, rebounds and steals, that would set the tone for the rest of his career as an all-around player. Ryan also was named the Division 1 Allstar game MVP for JJE 43. On November 16th, 2014, Ryan O’Donnell became the 5th JPA President. As president Ryan held annual meetings, stayed involved in community service projects and lead in the dissemination of donated funds to recipients deemed worthy by the JPA. Ryan passed the presidency to Ryan and Adam Dixon in November of 2018.

Ryan’s career stats include 5 Double Doubles and was named Player of the Game 23 Times. Ryan, know your infectious energy will forever be appreciated in our gym, and consider this gym your home, where you are welcome anytime. Please join us in congratulating Ryan O’Donnell, a true Journeyman.