Stephen Drelick

Status: Coach Induction Date: April, 2007

Coach Stephen Drelick was inducted into the Journeyman Basketball Hall of Fame by the heart of the program, the players. The Journeyman Players Association and the board of Directors wish to acknowledge Stephen for what he is, a kind, hard working, dedicated and committed Journeyman.

In late 2003, Coach Drelick joined the Journeyman team as Vice President because of his strong dedication to youth sports and his interest in coaching. His strong business ties and work ethic made him a perfect fit for the group. He helped us establish criteria and documentation that would stand the test of time. Within the next 3 years he would help transition Journeyman Basketball from a 50 man roster to a 90 man, 9 team roster. He played a key role in our success in a variety of areas to include growth, consistency, strong community involvement and character development.

He has graciously donated over 1000 hours of volunteer work to the development of Rockingham County youth. He was personally responsible for acquiring Wireless Zone sponsorship as well. His charisma through coaching style and heartfelt quotes for the website, have made him a Journeyman not soon forgotten. We will forever remember “You can’t miss your bunnies” and “There’s no walking in basketball” and I’m sure these “Coach D” quotes will be used many times in the future.

A large part of our success is attributed to his work. He is invited to remain a volunteer coach for as song as he so desires. Thank you for everything Coach. Please join us in congratulating Coach Stephen Drelick, a true Journeyman.