Tim Guen

Status: Official Induction Date: August, 2022

In the Fall of 2007,our 23rd Journeyman Session, we were graced with the addition of Corey Guen and the Guen Family. With this addition we recognized integrity, follow-through and work ethic and shortly after, we would see where it came from.

Tim Guen, father of Corey, expressed interest in assisting the program. It wasn’t long before he found a way to do this through officiating games. Tim utilized his great integrity while continuing to perfect his officiating skill. Tim always took the time to research to rule, instruct younger athletes and help them be great students of the game. He provided these services though all divisions with a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Tim has always been willing to fill in on short notice and support the program as needed. Support like this is a main factor in Journeyman’s longevity.
When we see great qualities in our athletes its easy to understand some of these have been fostered by assistance from great people like Tim Guen.
We sincerely hope Tim continues to be part of the program in the years to come. Please join us in congratulating Timothy Guen, a True Journeyman.