Vincent Benevento

Status: Coach Induction Date: May, 2005

Coach Vincent Benevento was inducted into the Journeyman Basketball Hall of Fame by the heart of the program, the players. The Journeyman Players Association started a petition and got over 300 signatures of ex-players, current Journeymen and their families and presented it to the board of directors. The rest was history. With the exception of the organization president, no single person has donated more time to the athletes of Journeyman Basketball than Coach Vin. He donated over 1500 volunteer hours of his time while a member of our staff. Besides serving 2 years as our vice president Coach Vin was a head coach. He also sat on the Board of Directors, prepared financial reports, organized logistics, officiated games and was a key contributor to every fundraiser we held while on our staff. It was volunteer work and dedication such as this that built the successful Journeyman program. We have no doubts that a large part of that success is due to the efforts provided by Coach Vin. His defensive focus on all young Journeymen has left a mark on the program not soon forgotten. Shortly after the time he served with our program an award was created in his name. This prestigious achievement is awarded to the player that proves his ability in all aspects of the game. Coach Benevento always pushed young Journeyman to work and perfect all aspects of the game in order to be the consummate teammate and ultimate threat. His dedication to ensuring we kept the best interest of the players in mind helped make the organization what it is today. We look forward to the days when Vin will visit the organization and receive due credit for the part he played in making our organization succeed.