Zachary Snow

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2015

In 2007 organizational staff was serving as volunteers for the Stratham Recreation Basketball Club at Stratham Memorial School. Staff easily recognized Zach as being the most focused and responsive of all the athletes. Journeyman was fortunate to gain this aspiring athlete on our roster in June of 2008 as a member of our 25th session. In only his first session as a Journeyman he sent a clear message to the coaches that he was ready to work and lead by example. By his third he was recognized as Division one’s 6th Man Award Winner. Zach would inspire all teammates regardless of skill, to provide solid effort and ensuring they understood their effort was paramount as a member of the team. Actions such as this were quickly identified when Journeyman awarded Zach with the Team Leader Award in 2009 during JJE-29 and 2010 during JJE-31. But Zach was not limited to just leadership skills. Camaraderie, work ethic and competitiveness are also trademarks of this dedicated teammate. Other awards that would soon follow included, BlueCollar crew during 2000Shots camp in 2009, Day 3 MVP of Summer Camp in 2009, 2000Shots Day 2 MVP 2010, JJE-31 All-Star Game MVP, Most Valuable Volunteer 2011, SJE-39 & 40 Larry Bird Award Winner and SJE-45 Senior Division MVP. But if anyone understand that their individual achievements are not nearly as important as understanding what a team can accomplish when working together it’s Zach. And any new player could easily find Zach in the gym by looking for someone who is helping and encouraging and simply being part of the solution. In addition to Zach’s individual achievements he will finish his career with 11 career double doubles, # 6th all-time in point system, #6th in career scoring, 9th in assists, #1 in steals, 8th in career 3 pointers made, #6 in career 2 point field goals and #8 all time in games played. He also made an amazing 17 All-Star appearances making him 4th all time in this category. Zach has received Player of the game honors 33 times over 21 consecutive career sessions. Only 5 athletes in the history of the program have more of these than Zach. When we read Character, Commitment and Community on the back of a Journeyman shirt Zach truly comes to mind. We can only hope that Zach understands his full impact on a program he helped establish. He name will consistently be used when coaches are encouraging teamsmanship with new athletes. We look forward to the times when Zach will return to the gym as a guest coach or an alumni player. Zach, Journeyman is forever yours. Never ask to attend, simply walk in knowing you can.

Please join us in congratulating Zachary Snow, a true Journeyman.