Zoe Picanso

Status: Player Induction Date: August, 2013

Zoe Picanso started her career with the program in early 2006. She participated in 8 teamwork sessions during her career as a player. She was also only the third female to participate in the boys’ division. Her teammates, male and female, knew they could always count on her dedication and effort. In fact, it was qualities like these that earned her the 6th Star Award in 2006. Although Zoe’s career as a player ended in 2011, her dediction to the J-Hawks program did not waiver. Zoe has continued to support the program with any task assigned to her with no mention of what was in it for her. She has performed countless duties to help the J-Hawks program survive time and time again and the program has continued to improve due to her unselfish effort. Over the many years that the J-Hawks program has been been around there are countless memories of great games, great individual performances, spectacular play and lasting friendships. Each time we think of these memories Zoe Picanso is part of them. It is this dedication of hers to which we owe supreme gratitude. For her great character, her unbelievable commitment and her continued support, we bestow to Zoe Journeyman’s greatest honor.