SUMMER 2024 Session Information


This page is where you will find details about the SUMMER SESSION. It is our 70th Session in program history!

Please note that if you are new to the program you will need to purchase uniform shorts. The jersey you are provided is sponsored and belongs to the program.

WE START JUNE 10th 2024 for specific divisions but you will need to watch the calendar. To get more specific time frames click on the calendar.

Click HERE and find shorts for your division.

This document, WELCOME is helpful information for you and your aspiring athlete.

Please DO NOT CALL and ask for your student athlete to be advanced to the next division in advance of opening day. Many factors are taken into consideration before advancement. Factors like, confidence, the best needs of the group and room in the next division. Please understand that the schedule takes 7-12 days to populate after opening day. Once registration closes it lets us know how many teams we have in each division. From there, we build a schedule. So teach your athlete to watch the calendar regularly. It is the best way to get the most current information.

This Summer Session (70th) will offer Division2, Division1, SENIORS, JHAWKS and NETS!

LOCATION: 315 Banfield Road Portsmouth NH, as noted on the online calendar. (Saint Patrick Academy)
All athletes are asked to be responsible for following the ever changing schedule online. The best habit to practice is to look at the schedule in the morning and again before you leave your house for a game! 

The rosters below were last updated…. 4/14/24 @8:43AM!.




This is a list of list of athletes that will participate in JHAWKS and NETS this Summer!

Amico, Sophia
Austin, Avery
Bebbington, Eva
Cabral, Avery
Chisamore, Eveyln
Ciaschini, Mariella
Coletti, Mikaela
Collier, Maelyn
Collymore, Maya
Cory, Leiana
Costa, Leah
Dabrio, Zoey
Downs, Lilliana
Field, Adrienne
Field, Cailan
Goss, Annabelle
Hofstra, Joey
Kim, Ellina
Kim, Jurry
Kim, Leia
Lord, Lily
MacDonald, Noelle
Maloney, Hadley
Martin, Anne
Moore, Adison
Nordin, Annika
Ohara, Charlotte
Ohara, Rachel
Pagnotta, Maya
Ray, Mia
Rice, Lennon
Robichaud, Ruby
Schulten-Neiweem, Grace
Shaheen, Lena
Winham, Catalina
Zmijewski, Evelyn


This is a list of TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED D2 athletes for the Summer Session. Their first meeting is at 5:45PM Monday June 10th. We will go over player expectations and opeing statements.

Barstow, Zade
Brown, Declan
Burke, Alexander
Chernoff, Marshall
Cory, Lucas
Costa, Vince
Dabrio, Zachary
Dailey, Owen
Dannar, Makxwel
Desrochers, Noah
Dickson, Colton
Dirsa, Luca
Gaumont, Nathan
Gelineau, Cooper
George, Ezra
Gillen, Pierce
Godfrey, Damarli
Goldstein, Will
Grieb, Travis
Hislop, Willy
Jamieson, Gunner
Kinneavy, Liam
Kinneavy, Parker
Knapp, Evan
Lynch, Will
MacDonald, Thomas
Maloney, Cooper
Martell, Carter
McCormick, Ryan
Michalik, Keegan
Middleton, Ronan
Nickerson, Carter
O’Neil, Conrad
Pagnotta, Jack
Patterson, Henry
Pereira, Bennet
Pereira, Landon
Rosati, Mason
Rosenwald, Bodhi
Sabalakov, Michael
Santoriello, Christian
Searl, Cameron
Sullivan, Bentley
Trubiano, Keagan
Verbeck, Colt
Verissimo, Ben
Wentworth, Luke
NOTE: It is expected that many 7th grade athletes will advance to D1. Please allow the staff the courtesy of reviewing their skill level before they are advanced.

This is a list of TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED D1 athletes for the Summer Session. Their first meeting will be posted soon. We will go over player expectations and opeing statements.

Arsenault, Dylan
Barker, Nolan
Boys, Porter
Brady-Schmoyer, Paul
Bridge, Mason
Brown, Nate
Buchanan, Ryder
Farrand, Declan
Finelli, Enzo
Jamieson, Gavin
Kolligs, CJ
Lord, Charlie
Lynch, Hugh
Middleton, Eli
Molda, Aaron
O’Neil, Trevor
Pach, Jordan
Rajiv, Arvan
Ray, Connor
Sloan, River
Simeone, Lucas
Smith, Eli
Smith, Sawyer
Swink, Logan
Trayer, Lawson
Trayer, Lorden
Verissimo, Conor

This is a list of TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED Senior Division athletes for the Summer Session. Their first meeting will be posted soon. We will go over player expectations and opeing statements.

Aviles, Cameron
Barron, Declan
Brewer, Ethan
Brewer, Josh
Farrand, Becket
Kasztejna, Tyler
Kelly, Josh
Miller, Ben
Newkirk, Cael
Niewiera, Drew
Paquet, Landon
Salter, Quinn
Sanchez, Gabriel
Settineri, Anthony
Sternberg, Luis
Wilson, Brayden
Yang, Matt
Zmijewski, Nate